• Numerous unique guests from various areas - global corporations, science, sport, politics, and this year’s Special guest: The Right Honourable David Cameron
  • Almost 1,100 participants
  • 6 breakout streams
  • 650 guests on ABSL Party
  • Around 100 speakers
  • 800 guests networking during Off Agenda Events
  • 500,000 people reached on social media
  • More than 50 reporters
  • 400 guests networking during Welcome Cocktail
  • Almost 11,000 views of Conference Intro

On June 13th-14th, Łódź hosted the 8th ABSL Conference - the most prestigious business service sector event in the CEE region. We would like to take a moment to summarise its key points.

The Conference gathered nearly 1.100 participants from all over the world - and we would like to express our thanks to all guests who have joined us at the 8th edition of our flagship event in Łódź for those amazing three days.

Our special guest this year was the Right Honourable David Cameron, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (2010-2016) - one of the key influential people of today’s politics and economy. During a moderated Q&A session with Henry Foy, Mr. Cameron answered crucial questions regarding the future of Europe, focusing mostly on relations between Poland and the UK in relation to business and possible resource relocation. This panel was pivotal to the idea behind the Conference: The Old World Disrupted.

Our expert speakers this year focused on the problem of constant change, its effect on business, markets, talent, leadership. Constant shifts in the balance of politics and economy translate directly into our ways of conducting business, we are also influenced by emerging trends, such as robotics, automation of processes and smart world.

Among our key themes were the battle of Humans vs. Robots and Future Technology. Experts such as Aleksandra Przegalińska (MIT) and Joseph Reger (Fujitsu) explained the key notions of today’s industrial revolution. They assured the audience that we should not be afraid of robots, but assimilate with them instead. Despite them overtaking basic tasks, this movement will leave us with free resources to perform more complex tasks that a machine will be unable to do. Meanwhile, software development could move to become a blue-collar work soon, as our needs for developers grow with time.

Aside from the future of markets and ongoing robotic transformations, we also focused on the Future Leaders. Our speakers - among them Zain Wadee (Randstad Sourceright) and Robert Baker (Mercer) discussed the changes that need to happen as the next generation - Millennials - become the most prominent group on the labour market, as well as how inclusion shapes and empowers both the companies and the employees.

Check their presentations below to find out what they think of these challenges!

New ABSL report is now live!

As every year, the Conference saw the premiere of the newest ABSL report: Business Services Sector in Poland. The online version is available for downloading in our Publications.

Below you can find some highlights from the report:

  • Poland is no 1 in Europe and no 5 worldwide in nearshore and offshore outsourcing
  • 244,000 people employed in the sector
  • 1078 centres operate in Poland, including 748 foreign ones
  • 80 Fortune Global 500 investors are present in Poland
  • 9% of employees are foreigners
  • 47 centres employ over 1,000 people

All data for Q1 2017.

ABSL Start-Up Challenge

  • Final of the second edition of ABSL Start-Up Challenge
  • Over 100 start-ups applications
  • 7 ABSL Start-Up Challenge finalists

This year saw the second finale of ABSL Start-Up Challenge, a unique platform for young entrepreneurs to network and cooperate with large corporations. In this edition, we visited 7 Polish cities during the semifinals to pick who will get the chance to present in Łódź.

Among the final seven, ChallengeRocket was chosen as the winner, gaining the opportunity to partake in Polish Tech Days 2017 in London. Another start-up, Scanye won the Public Choice Award by the vote of the audience. P&G award was given to Cognitum, Skanska awarded TakeTask, and finally, the start-up BIN-e was handed the ŁSSE award.






Video Summary

Intro of the 8th ABSL Conference

The spectacular intro animation of the Conference

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Marek Grodziński, VP of ABSL, Jacek Levernes, CEO Finteco, President of ABSL, Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Łódź

Summary of the year

Jacek Levernes, CEO Finteco, President of ABSL, Wojciech Popławski, Managing Director, Accenture Operations, VP ABSL

Global trends in the business services sector

Peter Moller, European SSC/BPO Advisory Lead, Deloitte

Business Models in the GBS organizations

Jon Bell, Executive Vice President, Head of Capgemini Business Services Global Delivery Network

It is all about enhancing life with intelligence

Magnus Persson, Executive Vice President Business Development at Skanska S.A.

Every Detail Matters

Anna Bartoszewicz–Wnuk, Head of Workplace Advisory, JLL Poland, Tomasz Trzósło, Managing Director, JLL Poland

Robots are taking over the world

David Poole, Co-founder and CEO, Symphony Ventures

Don't be afraid of robots

Aleksandra Przegalińska, Research Fellow at MIT Sloan School of Management

The ring - Human vs Robots - who will win the race?

Moderator: Elias van Herwaarden, EMEA Service Leader, Global Location Strategies, Deloitte

Digital = Disruption

Dr. Joseph Reger, Chief Technology Officer EMEIA, Fujitsu

Disrupt or be disrupted

Moderator: Eric Simonson, Managing Partner, Research, Everest Group

Future Leaders

Moderator: Zain Wadee, Managing Director EMEA at Randstad Sourceright

Teamwork makes the dream work

Marcin Gortat, Basketball player, MG13

ABSL Start-Up Challenge

Finale of the 2nd edition

Blockchain for business

Konrad Rembacz, Process and Technology Jr Manager, Unilever, Poland, Maciej Jędrzejczyk, IT Architect, IBM CEE Blockchain

Outsourcing vs SSC vs Hybrid - 8th ABSL Conference

Moderator: Hanumantha Karthik, Partner, Global Sourcing, Everest Group

FDI, Strategic Investors, VC, PE, National Growth Funds & Poland

Moderator: Ronald B. Given, Co-Managing Partner, Wolf Theiss

Smart cities

Moderator: Mateusz Polkowski, Head of Research, JLL

Global Talent Trends - Empowerment in a disrupted world

Malwina Raducka-Sakwerda, Analytical Solutions Team Manager EMEA & LATAM, Mercer


Klaudia Kossowska, HR Consultant, Human Capital Manager, Stella Virium Foundation

Is the IoT a threat to people, or on the contrary?

Moderator: Michał Grabarz, Sales Director at Communications, Media and Technology, Accenture

Creating new business model. The journey from concept to reality

Oleksander Koliakin, General Manager, Sales of Fuel Cards and Home Base Fuels in CEE, Mediterranean and South Africa, Shell

Shifts in the Balance of Business?

Moderator: Kerry Hallard, CEO of Global Sourcing Association UK, President of GSA Global

Smart workplace

Karina Kreja, Director, Workplace Consultancy and Change Management, CBRE

Aligning Business Strategy with People Strategy

Richard Vincent, Partner EMEA/APAC, AltoPartners

Why should men care about gender balance?

Robert Baker, Global Client Director at Mercer

Social disruption by AI, RPA and Cognitive Technology. Digital Transformation

Marcin Kowalski, Principal Consultant, GFT

The war for talent is poised to increase even further

Moderator: Paweł Panczyj, Managing Director, ABSL (panel in Polish)

Smart society

Moderator: Krzysztof Izdebski, Policy Director, ePaństwo Foundation (panel in Polish)

Come closer to disability

Karolina Długosz, CSR Manager, Capgemini, Dorota Piotrowska, HR Director, Strefa Job

Cooperation between corporations and start-ups

Moderator: Janusz Dziurzyński, VP of ABSL, Associate Director in Procter & Gamble Global Business Services

Education system - a barrier in development of a knowledge based economy?

Moderator: Marek Tejchman, Deputy Editor in Chief, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

Smart business model

Bogdan Rogala, General Manager Philips Lighting CEE

The old leadership disrupted

Moderator: Edyta Gałaszewska-Bogusz, Director at Accenture Operations Poland

D&I strategy. 360 view from business leaders

Moderator: Derek Smith, Managing Director, Head Global Sourcing & Strategy, UBS

Summary & Closing Remarks

Jacek Levernes, CEO Finteco, President of ABSL

Business Services Sector
in Poland 2017

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