The perfect location in the heart of Europe

Łódź is a city situated in the very centre of Poland, and also the centre of Europe, surrounded by a network of motorways and expressways which provide the city with excellent connections to other Polish and European locations. The proximity of two international airports, including one just 15 minutes from Łódź downtown, is an unquestionable advantage of the city compared to other locations.

Youth capital in Łódź

Łódź offers a large group of graduates educated in the fields searched for by employers as well as competitive personnel costs compared to other locations in Poland. 83 thousand of students, including over 7 thousand at IT majors, studying at 21 higher education schools and more than 22 thousand graduates the majority of whom fluently speak at least one foreign language ensure broad access to educated staff.

Incentives for investors

In accordance with assumptions of the Strategy for Integrated Development of Łódź 2020+, the key sectors from the point of view of the investment-related development of Łódź include logistics and transport, BPO, IT, home appliances, R&D, activities related to fairs and exhibitions, and tourism, in particular as regards business as well as science and education.Each strategic investor in Łódź can count on comprehensive assistance in the implementation of the investment owing to the support of a dedicated Specialist from the Investor Service & International Cooperation Bureau at City of Łódź office.

Łódź is reaching for EXPO 2022

The Republic of Poland is applying for organization of International EXPO 2022 in Łódź, in the theme of revitalization of cities – a global challenge and condition for further development of agglomerations around the world. Regardless of longitude and attitude, revitalization means to make someone active, healthy and energetic again. It is a key to eternal youth - youth by renewal. Łódź has a unique vibe and story that can make it an extremely interesting place. It is currently at the breaking point, in the midst of the revitalization process. Owing to ongoing transformation, Poland and the City of Łódź are nowadays the promoters and the leaders of revitalization on a large scale. Today, Łódź is running one of the biggest revitalisation projects in Europe.


Source: Archives of City of Łódź office
Źródło: UMŁ

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