26 June 2017

„EC1 Łódź – City of Culture” in Łódź

The renovated first power plant in Łódź is the heart of the New Centre of Łódź, which is being created around the underground Łódź Fabryczna railway station. These historic walls now house numerous important institutions.

Piece by piece, we change the EC1 into a unique centre of culture and science, which hosts the most important events in Łódź. The planetarium here was named the New Wonder of Poland in 2016 by National Geographic Traveler. EC1 is also the location of the National Centre of Film Culture, coordinated jointly with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. In the historic power plant, the interactive Centre of Science and Technology is also under construction – which will be showing the same original machines that once provided electricity to the city.

The Centre will be opened in December of 2017, while in November – the spectacular exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci – Power of Mind” will start. Of particular note is its Polish part, in which we will present Polish inventors who should not have been forgotten, and whose projects were ahead of their time. EC1 also hosts the Centre of Comics and Interactive Narration.

The unmistakeable architecture, incredible institutions and the amazing team together create the space where, I’m sure, every visitor will be able to spend time on interesting and creative activities, and will come back to it often.

Błażej Moder – Managing Director at EC-1 Łódź City of Culture

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