Robert Baker

Global Client Director, Mercer

Robert Baker is a Global Client Director at Mercer, the leading global human resources consulting firm.
Based in their London office, he is responsible for developing Mercer’s relationships with a number of their key multinational clients across all lines of business and all geographies. Robert has a passion for diversity and inclusion and is a member of the steering committees for Mercer’s Gender Parity Networks for the European Region. He is also a member of Mercer’s UK Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council.
Robert is Vice President on the Board of PWN Global, a major global women’s network. In this role he is focused on engaging men to support gender equality, at work, at home and in all aspects of life. He has spoken at numerous conferences and contributed to many publications and blogs on the importance of balanced leadership, the future of work and how to engage men in supporting gender balance.
Robert was recently awarded a prestigious Guys Who Get It – Honorable Guy Award 2017 by The Institute for Women’s Leadership, based in California, USA.

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