Marcin Gortat

Basketball Player, MG13

Marcin Gortat is the only Polish professional basketball player to ever play in NBA Finals, currently representing Washington Wizards. Marcin was born in Łódź, started training at the age of 17 and by the age of 20 he got into the Polish national basketball team. His life goals were achieved by perseverance and hard work, which makes him a truely admirable celebrity.

Marcin is also a sought-after media personality and a charity activist. His foundation "MG13 Mierz Wysoko" promotes sports among children and supports youth development. The most popular event organized by his fountation is Marcin Gortat Camp. Hundreds of young athletes attend his sports schools. Marcin also supports National Armed Forces, families of veterans and disabled children.

He is uncommonly popular and recognizable worldwide, which makes him one of the most prominent figure promoting the image of Poland. Marcin knows about it and is also a proud organizer of the NBA Polish Night.

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