10 May 2017

The City of Łódź for Business

No one needs to be persuaded that Łódź is a unique city. The city in which the heritage of four cultures can be admired almost everywhere has a lot to offer to its residents and visitors.

Somewhat forgotten over the years, Łódź is currently a testimony to a change and an example of how much can be accomplished with the goal to change the image and perception of the city. Łódź, called “the last undiscovered city”, shows its best side, slowly revealing its glory.

These last years have been a period of the city’s very dynamic and successful development. Łódź changes literally right before our eyes, as a result of implementing the adopted strategy and significant investment projects.

One of the most important among the above is certainly the opening of the new railway station Łódź Fabryczna. The advanced, three-level building, a key element of the New Centre of Łódź, has become a part of a multi-modal traffic junction, which combines regular and urban trains, long-distance buses, urban transport and private car transport. The new railway station allows to service 20 times more passengers than before (up to 200 thousands per day). Soon the construction of a so-called cross-city tunnel will begin. Thanks to this investment project the residents of Łódź will gain two new train halts and long-distance trains will easily run through the city centre.

The construction of the tunnel has been planned for the coming years in relation to the bid for organising International Expo 2022 Łódź Polska, and will have been completed by 2022. Bidding to host Expo 2022 is both an enormous undertaking and opportunity to raise awareness of everyone who can potentially visit Łódź should the city be selected as host. The theme of the exposition, City Re:Invented, refers to the transformation process and life cycle of cities as well as their revitalisation and creativity.

We should also remember extensive road investments currently carried out. Both within the city and around it existing roads are constantly rebuilt and new ones constructed. In the near future Łódź will become the first city in Poland having a bypass comprising motorways and expressways. The so-called ring will consist of: A2 motorway from the north, A1 motorway from the east, S8 expressway from the south and S14 from the west.

Well-communicated location in the centre of Poland, well-educated staff, easily accessible office space and international business environment count among assets that allow the city to attract new investments. According to the calculations by the Investor Service and International Cooperation Bureau at the City of Łódź Office, in 2016 private investors created and declared the creation of 6,260 new jobs in Łódź.

Due to high interest showed by tenants and corporate occupiers as well as multiple tenancy and property lease transactions, the supply of let area in 2016 reached 330 thousand sq m and the rate of empty space decreased to about 7%. About 115 thousand sq m of office space is currently under construction. Office developers seem to be most interested in locations within the New Centre of Łódź. Until 2020 they plan to put into use another 150 thousand sq m. Developers are also very active in the storage space sector, where we can observe a significant increase in investment projects in comparison to the previous year (from about 50 to almost 70 investment projects).

One of the biggest assets of Łódź is its potential in the field of higher education. 83 thousand students, including 6 thousand taking various IT courses, learning at over 21 higher education institutions and more than 22 thousand graduates, the majority of which are fluent in at least one foreign language, ensure a wide access to perfectly educated staff. In cooperation with the city, the unique programme “Youth in Lodz” is carried out at local higher education institutions, within the framework of which already nearly 140 local companies and three largest local public higher education institutions actively cooperate: University of Łódź, Łódź University of Technology and Medical University of Łódź.

As a proof of the advantageous business climate in Łódź we can name constant development plans and positive opinions of entrepreneurs cooperating with the city through the Investor Service and International Cooperation Bureau at the City of Łódź Office.



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