Łódzka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna

For 20 years Lodz Special Economic Zone has been offering attractive investment conditions for the creation of new workplaces, carrying out investment projects and building trust in business relationships. It guarantees high level of state aid, attractive investment sites, contacts with local authorities, cooperation with vocational schools as well as a perfect location in the very heart of Poland.
Since January 2017, Lodz SEZ runs Startup Spark project. Its goal is to connect and unite creative entrepreneurs with infrastructure, experience and human resources of large enterprises. Acceleration in STARTUP SPARK model concentrates on working with 25 startups, commercializing their innovations in cooperation with large business while building a certain community around the project at the same time. By Startup Spark, Lodz SEZ offers support from high-class specialists (mentors, production teams), direct access to potential clients (large companies, Lodz SEZ”s investors) and creating a platform to exchange knowledge(inside and outside networking).

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