How can I reach the Conference venue?

You can reach the Conference venue by plane, train and, of course, by car.
Warsaw Chopin Airport is located 129km from the main conference venue (EC1). Journey by car takes 1h 25min.
The other - Warsaw Modlin Airport - is located 140km from EC1. Journey by car takes 1h50min. City of Łódź also has its own airport which is located only 9km from the city centre. You can get to EC1 from the airport in just 20 minutes by car.
You can also travel to Łódź by train. The main venue (EC1) is located just 100 meters from Łódź Fabryczna Train Station. If you travel from Warsaw, it will take you only 1h 25m to get to Łódź Fabryczna. Our destination is also easy to reach if you travel by car, as Łódź is located in the centre of Poland where two highways - A1 and A2 - meet.

Is it possible to reserve a parking space near the Conference venue?

Yes, EC1 has a car park capacity for 80 to a maximum of 100 cars. EC1 car park is free of charge.

Are there preferential booking room prices for attendees?

There is a list of hotels available on our website (hotels list) where you can book the room at special price or with a special discount. Have a look at the list and the terms before making the decision.

Is it possible to transfer the registration from one person, who cannot attend the Conference, to another?

If for some reason the attendee cannot participate in the Conference, they can transfer their registration to another person. To do so, the attendee needs to contact asking to change the data, and providing the correct data of the new person. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the new address.

How can a media representative become accredited for the 8th ABSL Conference?

If you are a media representative (publisher, editor, journalist), please visit our Media sub-site which will provide you with any details regarding media presence during the event. For further information, don’t hesitate to contact: We will contact you as soon as possible, usually within 6 hours.

How can I download conference official app?

For quick navigation and networking opportunities during the conference, please download our app searching for keyword: 8th ABSL in your smartphone app market, click one of the buttons below or simply scan our QR code.

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